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Divorce Law

What To Do When Considering Divorce?

Regardless of the situation, separating from a spouse is one of the most complex and challenging times in one’s life. Whether there are children involved, high-stakes assets, or the decision was mutual and amicable, the process ahead will more than likely be frustrating, emotionally charged, and fraught with ups and downs. However, with the help of the right divorce lawyer in Islandia, NY, you can expect a much smoother procedure with fewer mistakes and complications.

However, there are a few crucial considerations to keep in mind when you suspect divorce may be on the horizon. Even if you are already in the midst of one, though, there are measures to take to simplify the matter significantly and give the best chance at ensuring favorable results when the dust settles. At the Law Office of Sharon L. Silver, we understand that regardless of the situation, a divorce is a complex and challenging situation even under the best of circumstances. Still, without the proper assistance and guidance, the proceedings can be much more overwhelming and challenging than need be.

If you suspect a divorce may become necessary or looms near, it may benefit you to act as quickly as possible to ensure you remain ahead of the game. While it may not explicitly benefit you in any legal sense, it will give you time to prepare a few critical aspects of your potential case and allow a divorce attorney to best prepare for what is to come. Additionally, based on the divorce laws by state, one of the few quantitative benefits of filing for divorce first is the opportunity to present your case first if litigation becomes necessary.

How A Divorce Lawyer Can Benefit You?

While many folks think that a divorce can be handled entirely independently, it may not always be the best decision in the long run. While it is possible to navigate divorce proceedings without the help of a divorce lawyer in Islandia, NY, it can leave you wishing you would have handled it differently later down the road. The misconception that leads to this notion often surrounds the cost of hiring legal counsel, but in reality, this could not be farther from the case.

Especially if the opposing party has retained legal support for the coming divorce lawsuit, it would be best to ensure the playing field is level by retaining your own. This will ensure you are not taken advantage of if litigation becomes necessary and may even save you more money than if you had never hired a New York divorce lawyer. In addition, since an attorney will handle the majority of the legal responsibility and labor required throughout a divorce, you may also save time. This is not to mention the potential to save money by avoiding simple mistakes that could extend the proceedings or cause other hindrances throughout.

Alternative Approaches In Divorce

While the stereotypical picture of divorce many people hold is the mudslinging and adversarial courtroom proceedings that are highly emotionally charged, this does not have to be the case. With the help of the right divorce attorney, there are other options available for those who may agree on some points of an amicable divorce or are willing to attempt to find compromise rather than fighting tooth and nail.

For example, mediation is available and often required in some situations depending on divorce laws by state. Divorce Law in New York has several stipulations for couples to resolve particular issues, but contacting a divorce lawyer or divorce law firm is your best option for the full extent of these options. At the Law Office of Sharon L. Silver, we strive to ensure every client has the best possible opportunity to receive the outcome of the divorce they seek with as few negative impacts as possible.

Especially in situations in which children may be involved, mediation is a critical step that can save significant amounts of strife and challenges later in the process. The more points you can reach an agreement on during these preliminary negotiation phases, the fewer will remain that require litigation. Generally, the shorter and less intensive the litigation for a divorce settlement, the more money you will save since your attorney will have less to negotiate when seeking a judicial decision.

What To Do Now?

To begin the process or seek new legal advice, even if you have already started, call the Law Office of Sharon L. Silver in Islandia, NY, as soon as possible to schedule an initial consultation. During this meeting, we will discuss the circumstances surrounding your divorce, the goals you aspire to reach, and the best course of action to take in the immediate future. Remember, the earlier a divorce attorney can become involved, the better your chances of a favorable outcome may be. So don’t hesitate, and call today!

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