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Insurance policies for trucks and truckers are much more extensive than insurance policies for the average passenger car. This usually means that damages in a trucking accident case are worth a lot more on average, and there are more available funds to cover the full extent of a person’s losses.

When it comes to medical bills, New York has a no-fault policy. This means that medical damages are usually covered by an insurance policy, regardless of who was at-fault in the accident.

In addition to medical bills, there are many other types of damages that can be sought in a trucking accident case. These include:

  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of enjoyment of life/loss of companionship
  • Future medical and care costs
  • Pain and suffering

Exactly how these damages can be sought, and for how much, and from which party’s insurance company, depends on the circumstances of the case and on the insurance policies in question.

What Happens If Someone Dies As A Result Of A Trucking Accident?

Unfortunately, some trucking accidents result in fatalities. This can cause immense, irreparable pain and loss to the decedent’s family, friends, and community.

In terms of a personal injury case, the decedent’s family can claim several categories of damages.

One category of damages they can claim is loss of support. If the decedent had people who were dependent on them, damages can be claimed for financial support the decedent would have given to the individual (or individuals). The amount depends on several factors, including the age, profession, income level, and projected earning potential of the decedent, as well as the level of dependence and the age of the dependents.

For instance, let’s say the decedent was a 30-year-old doctor who made over $500,000 a year. His dependents could sue for all the income he would have earned over the course of his life, until the age of around 65. At that rate, a settlement could be worth $17,500,000.00. Usually, insurance companies find ways to detract from a total possible sum, but the potential is still there for a very large amount of money.

How Is The Worth Of Future Medical Costs Evaluated In A Trucking Accident Case?

The estimated or projected costs for future medical care are usually calculated by a medical expert who has treated the patient or has examined the patient at some point before the trial. They usually describe what treatment they anticipate a person needing moving forward and state the standard cost for that sort of treatment in the medical community.

Is It Always Worth It To Go After Huge Trucking Companies To Recover Settlements?

Absolutely. If you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, you should not be stuck with the bill. Furthermore, these companies often have extensive insurance coverage and deep pockets. They can afford to pay for your losses, and they should absolutely be made to do so.

Why Is It Critical That Someone Injured In A Trucking Accident Seek Out A Law Firm That Has Specific Experience With These Types Of Cases?

You are always better off with an attorney who has specific experience with the specific type of industry and injury you are dealing with. An attorney with that sort of relevant experience is, quite frankly, less likely to screw up. An attorney who does only passenger car accidents would not know how to measure the height of a loading dock by sight, for instance, or be able to tell whether or not it meets industry standards. There are so many regulations in personal injury—especially in truck-related personal injury—that come into play, some of which you may never have heard of before. The right attorney for a case like this will be aware of all the different regulations that come into play and will protect your best interests, no matter what turns a case takes.

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